Empowering All Voices

E-UNITY: Inspiring Political Participation for Inclusive Europe


At E-UNITY, our core mission is to foster greater political participation of marginalized groups in our societies. We firmly believe that everyone should be able to engage in political processes, express themselves freely, and have their voices heard.

Our programs and initiatives focus on building capacities, creating safe and inclusive spaces, and promoting knowledge about human rights and political processes. By empowering individuals with the necessary skills and expertise, we aim to bridge the gap and ensure that marginalized groups feel confident and comfortable participating in political decision-making.

We understand that actual societal change happens when everyone is included and has a seat at the table. Our work involves advocacy, capacity building, and intercultural learning; all centred around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) principles. We strive to create a more equitable and participatory society by addressing the unique challenges of marginalized communities.

Join us as we work towards a future where marginalized groups have equal opportunities to shape their communities and influence policy decisions. Together, we can build a society that values diversity, empowers individuals, and upholds the principles of democracy and human rights.

Objective of E-UNITY:

Empowering Inclusive Political Participation

At E-UNITY, our objective is to empower and stimulate the political participation of less privileged groups. We strive to create a safe, comfortable, and free public sphere where all European inhabitants can express themselves fully. Our organization is dedicated to fostering solidarity, inclusivity, empowerment, and equal opportunities.

By 2026, we aim to engage over 500 young EU inhabitants, aged between 15-29 years, in transformative E-UNITY projects. Through these initiatives, we hope to inspire more political participation among people with fewer opportunities. We believe that by promoting human rights awareness, improving access to political institutions, and fostering personal development aligned with individual aspirations, we can create a more inclusive and equitable society for all.